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Our purpose? To help you capture the perfect look for all occasions.You don't find style, but rather style finds you. Let us help you with that, because at Mr. Debonair we believe quality is affordable for everyone.We specialize in Bespoke Men's, Women's and Children's Suiting.The Mister Debonair Way!

We have over 25 years combined experience in the field of menswear and custom suiting with our creatives at the forefront of men's fashion and trends. At Mr. Debonair, unlike our competitors, our priority lies with the fitting of your garments.

We strive for the perfect fit with each and every one of our clients and accept nothing less. Our personal touch helps us create long standing relationships and not merely transactions with new clients. We seek to cater to clients of all backgrounds and genders.

We create personal style profiles that we use to guide our clients and make their visions for themselves in fashion a reality. Our team will be there every step of the way during your custom process, to ensure that your order meets your expectations.

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Born new yorkers

Owner Mr. Islam

Born and raised in Queens, New York, what a dream it truly is to open my first business in my community of Astoria! I come from a long line of garment and fashion roots dating back to the 80's when my grandfather owned his own garment factories back home. Growing up as a Bengali-American, our family has raised us all to be go-getters. It was inevitable that this was the path I would be led to.

Today I stand here with over 10yrs experience and expertise in bespoke clothing. Known for my unique style and precise measurments, I have styled some of the best athletes and celebrities in the entertainment business. Fashion is an absolute passion of mine and I am excited to bring that same energy to you.


Owner Mr. Jeanlouis
Demetri Jeanlouis

Born and raised to a hard working Haitian immigrant family in Brooklyn, New York our family has seen every side of the American dream. I have been working in menswear from the age of 14 and my heartbeat has been in sync with the hustle and bustle of NYC fashion district from a very young age. My degree is in business but my true passion lies in fashion, styling and tailoring.


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