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Creating the perfect custom suit is a very meticulous and personal process. However, at Mr. Debonair our process is not only precise but stress free.

The key reason for purchasing a custom  suit is to obtain the perfect fit. None of us are the same size or shape, so to ensure you have the perfect fit why not create a suit that was made for you and only you. 

Our garments are constructed to your liking. We can create any garment whether it be a two piece or three piece suit, tuxedo, dinner jacket, sport jacket or any other style of your choice. We customize everything to the finest details such as lapel styles, pockets, buttons, and linings.

When designing your custom suit, not only are you choosing the exterior of the garment but also the interior. Selections include fused, half canvas, or a full canvas suit. All of our suits are made with natural shoulders, and functional buttonholes.

The best part of owning your own custom suit is making it truly about you. We offer unlimited monograms and personalization options. Whether you would like to input your name, initials, favorite quote, special dates or anything that holds meaning to you, at Mr. Debonair you will achieve your perfect look.


There are many elements in selecting a fabric. We offer hundreds of fabrics to choose from. All fabrics are unique, they have different weights, patterns, and textures. We carry all thread counts ranging from super 100’s to 180’s. Our suits are 100 percent wool. We also carry silk, cotton, corduroy, and linen. Together with our consultant you will find the right one for you. 

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    This is of the utmost importance. Our specialists have been trained in this field with over a decade of experience. The suit is constructed to fit you as a second skin. We want to ensure that you look your best but still feel comfortable too. 


Once the suit has been chosen and measured to your specifications. Our factory and professional tailors will draw out and cut the fabric accordingly. We have the quickest turn around and guarantee proficient results.

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      The best perk of all for going custom with us. There are NO UP-CHARGES. You have up to 2 years of free alterations from the date you pick up your finished garment. All of these customizations and benefits are included in the price. 

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